Are you dreaming BIG enough?

Is your dream worthy of you? Are you dreaming big enough?

As I was thinking about giving a presentation to a Rotary group about LEAF who are doing a capital campaign and I was just sharing information about the World Garden project.

Dream Big
Have you ever wondered what am I going to say? Some speakers have canned talks in place, some will shake it up a bit. I just asked the Divine what should I talk about? I had 20 minutes. I didn’t want to do the usual power point presentation.  Later in the afternoon, I got the ah, “that a dream is like planting a garden.” Each seed you plant,  as you nurture it, water it and soon over time between 30 days or more viola vegetables or flowers come alive.

What if I just talk about our dreams and how it pertains to the World Garden Project?

A show and tell was going to be my presentation..I did one to another group and it really seemed to work well. After speaking about L.E.A.F.s dreams of moving into a bigger new location, I pulled out some soil, some seeds and asked everyone to take their BIG dream say their intention and plant a seed or seeds into the cup of soil. When the plant is about 1 – 2 inches, replant it into a bigger space.

You see, we may start out with an intention or dream that you want to achieve, is it truly BIG enough for you? Does it give you the shakes? Do people tell you it’s impossible? Do you get excited by it? Have you tried closing a business or laying to rest or giving up, only to discover you must do more? Then make sure it’s BIG!

For me when I first started Heart@Work I dreamed of World Kindness.. what if… what if it became a stock where people to buy a share..what if people would come together and just shared 3x a day a kind deed, could we have world kindness?

When I started Sedona Pies, I just wanted to help feed the hungry..the people who were not eating well, or didn’t have good nutrition or just didn’t know where to go to get fed. I just wanted to use my pie business as a vehicle for social change.  I closed my business for awhile.  I’ve have quite a few people who have encouraged me to Think Bigger!  Take it Mari-Lyn, and make it something bigger.. do something bigger. I know many people who are telling me lately they are ready to have something bigger for themselves.

My blog post is really about I want you to think about, set an intention, of planting a seed for something BIGGER in your life. It doesn’t have to be about your business maybe it’s just something  you want to change in your life.  Ask yourself is it really big enough for you?

If it is and you want to get some support around it, come join my LinkedIn group – Mari-Lyn Harris and Friends.  It’s a place to get support, encouragement and maybe even some help.

What are your BIG dreams?

Mari-Lyn Harris

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