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Products offered  legacy VIP membership, it includes everything under the Legacy product line. You get the planner, webinar and coaching to create your legacy. 

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Frequently asked questions

It was created as many people said that, they didn’t really know how to get started. Whether you are 18 or older it’s never too soon to get started

Since many people really don’t know me, it gives you an opportunity to try me out. Plus, I would really like to have more people to get started with writing up their playbook.

Yes. 18 years old & older.

Due to my experience of being an Executor, I saw how many people have no idea the questions to ask or what to do, to get their affairs in order. It’s  living document, you can change it as you grow.

That your family knows what you want at the end of your life. Don’t assume someone can help you, if you don’t tell anyone.

“Everyone has a story, what’s yours?  Would you like to express your legacy?”

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Our clients say

“My experience with Mari-Lyn has been that she demonstrates acute problem-solving skills and keen attention to detail. As a social media expert, I’ve observed her be joyfully creative and tirelessly energetic. In coaching me she has been a clear communicator — illustrating her suggestions in ways I can easily visualize achieving my desired objectives.”
I enjoyed working with Mari-Lyn for 3 sessions and in those sessions she helped me connect with a few deeply hidden issues in order to help me work through overcoming them.
She also connected me to a few good memories that were also hidden which was wonderful--recalling happiness is a great thing. Thanks you so very much Mari-Lyn, I loved the last visualization you lead me through also and do it as I start my day or when I go to bed..
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