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Inspiring Kindness on November 13

Inspiring Kindness on November 13 in your community and attending our other upcoming events in our communities. Let’s get engaged.

How to care for your community. This topic has been a concern for people as we age, especially if you don’t have any children

Sunday, November 6th 2022 

Time: 12:30pm -2:00pm Potluck if you want to join in for lunch. Bring your friends..

Location: It’s at the Foothills Presbyterian Church on 5301 McKee Road, San Jose


1. Self-care is #1

2. Knowing what each member wants and needs

3. Develop your care group.

Providing resources of how to start engaging with your community and utilizing services to assist you.


Sunday, November 13, 2022 of which I am working with Quality Giving, of  “Catch someone doing kind acts”  It’s a one day community event of Inspiring Kindness, as it’s World Kindness Day!

Asking for your help:

  1. Volunteers who will help coordinate sites
  2. Non-profits who focus on children – a pilot project with  having several  groups who will benefit from the days event.
  3. Sponsors those who will help promote the day, provide coffee/tea or beverages, for the end of the day.

Just call me! 510-320-8332

Plus the Kindness Hero Awards of which will get attached to the days event as well. You can still nominate someone. Other resources can be found on (working on updating it)


Likely November 20 or in time for Thanksgiving and Christmas, will be doing a fundraiser called “Mortgage Pies,” stay tuned for this..  Raising the awareness for the Kindness Village a housing project.

That’s all that I have for you right now.. All of a sudden I got real busy and haven’t been writing anything for the newsletter. I apologize.

What is the saying, “When a small group of people come together, great things can happen.

Bless you! For Inspiring Kindness on November 13 every day  in your life and in your community

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