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Master Biz Builders Isn’t for Everyone

Master Biz Builders isn’t for everyone, quite frankly.  And not everyone who applies for membership is approved. We’ll give you more than what you will pay for.

For example you get a truly impressive array of extra privileges, all designed for your convenience.

However, because we believe you will benefit from a subscription, I’ve enclosed a special invitation for you to check us out. It is one of the most valuable services available to entrepreneurs who want to put the “WOW” in their businesses.

Reason #1 Continuing Education – the Founder of the National Speakers Association said: “School is NEVER out for the pro!

Reason #2  Leverage – You’ll meet so many successful people at our networking events, through “Meet the Experts.” Any tiny shift in your business gives you an advantage.

Reason #3 Breakthroughs – time and time again we hear from people who will say “the light bulb really went on for me

Reason #4 Inspiration and Motivation – There is nothing like being surrounded by cheerleaders, progressive and creative people that can help you.

Reason #5 Networking – we’ll be providing virtual networking, Marketing Circles to provide you to form relationships and alliances.

Reason #6 Renewal – It is vital to have some sort of renewal in your life and business. It helps you to re-focus on your goals and plans.

Reason #7 Access to Experts – Our speakers, trainers and experts featured are the real deal. They will share their expertise, strategies and experiences.

Reason #8 Important Resources – you’ll take away e-books, CD’s and other tools to help you to stay focused. Everything we offer is backed by a 100% Guarantee.

Reason #9 Focus – It’s a time when you can get away to events, to re-connect with people you’ve met, to glean ideas and strategies to grow you business.

Reason #10 – Selection – Our subscribers get to pick what courses, classes and resources they want to learn from there are a wide variety of speakers and tools to choose from.

You are free to make your own decisions about when you want to get your information.  In a few words, Master Biz Builders is the most effective site to grow and develop your business to success. Yet surprisingly, these benefits are all yours to enjoy for the modest fee of just $99.00 per month, this group is called the Optimizers.

A more Advanced group is called the Crusaders.. it’s a little higher level, as it includes group coaching or a Mastermind group as well. It really depends upon what you are looking for as a CEO or  Founder to grow yourself and your business/movement.

What kind of experience are you looking for?

As a suggestion,  start with the Change Maker Marketing Summit.. registration is here, follow this link.

As I said the membership to Master Biz Builders isn’t for everyone – even if you start at the 1st level and work your way through, you’ll find a lot of value. And if this isn’t something you are looking for let me know – perhaps we can redirect you.  At the summit there will be 20-30 speakers presenting what they offer, one of them may speak to you as well. Why not attend?  It’s FREE.  February 12 -16th,  2024.

Until next time,

Be well & Kind


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