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Fonts & Typefaces

Below are all the various GLOBAL Typefaces, Fonts & Colors that you have set up in Elementor. It’s a good idea to set up a page that contains ALL of them, on a single page, so you can easily see them side-by-side and get to know them. 


  1. Keep your typefaces to an absolute minimum and never duplicate them. In other words make EVERY font unique in typeface and size/style(fonting).
  2. Your headings should get progressively smaller from H1 to H6 and Paragraph – which is always the default body text style, and should be the most legible font and size, typically black or dark grey.
  3. Set your Global Fonts FIRST and then set your Heading fonts to utilize the global fonts that you have set up. that way you can make GLOBAL font changes on your site, rapidly changing the look of your entire site VERY easily by simply changing the global fonts. I noticed that you set TWO of your Headings to utilize Global Fonts and/or colors.  ALL of them should.
  4. These same tips apply to your global colors as well. Strive to keep it simple and only establish four (4) global colors: primary, secondary, accent and text. Any more than these will only cause confusion for your self and your design will start to fall apart.
  5. Never have duplicate colors in your global settings.

Global Font: Primary / Global Color: Primary

Global Font: Secondary / Global Color: Secondary

Global Font: Body Text / Global Color: Text

Global Font: Accent Text / Global Color: Accent

Global Font: New Item #2 / Global Color: Saved Color #7

Heading 1

Heading 2

Heading 3

Heading 4

Heading 5
Heading 6



Global Colors






Saved Color #6

Saved Color #7

Saved Color #8

page background

New Global Color

New Global Color