How 2 Attract More Visitors to Your Booth

How 2 attract more visitors to your booth, will depend upon your audience your customer, the theme of the event and your objectives.

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It seems everyone wants ideas to get more people’s attention, this brings you to this post about ideas in what you can starting thinking about it and activating your plan of action.

Karl Nybergh says “Engagement and instant followup. Each contact needs to have a packet mailed to them waiting for them by the time they return home…..
Also interesting reading… Trade Show Ideas.l While most of this is generic….it does organize your thinking.

You want foot traffic, 90-120 seconds of their time to qualify and assess their needs. The ask them for their permission to have someone contact them and which is the best way ……

You might also ask them to join your organization’s twitter account for updates.”

Kelly Shores Games are always an attention-getter. If you’re looking for more than just a game but something that will help you distribute content, capture valuable leads, and track those leads in addition to your game, try Leading Reach.

Custom imprinted cookies, candy, chocolates with your logo or special shape, chocolate bars embossed with your slogan/logo on the actual chocolate not just an imprinted wrapper.

People love free food and chocolate works at any level.

A prize wheel or game.
The wheel is a visual attraction and the sound of the wheel spinning, plus the attendees cheering is an attention getter.

Steven Kent Have a very clean, simple & clutter free booth. Attractive upbeat people working it. Solid darker color table covers (*not white*) to showcase select items. Use stands to create various heights for your items. Limit reading materials to 1 or 2 and put the rest away until needed.

Having models walk the show with small signs promoting your booth is an option. The energy & posture of those working the booth is key. Confidence & smiles are attractive. 🙂

Heather Tanfan, CMP. If your audience is clinical you may have to go a little drier, but everyone does appreciate creativity. We have had luck with unique give-away items. Attendees slowed down and walked into our booth to try to figure out what we were distributing. An inviting themed booth and seasoned sales staff to engage the attendees is key. Lots of ideas on Youtube too.

Paula Steger says, “We all know how much walking is done at trade shows and how the feet begin to hurt as the day wears on. Picture your booth totally surrounded by black curtains. Step one…people are intrigued and want to know what’s inside. Step two…they go through the curtain and discover there’s a place to sit and enjoy a laser show (that happens to include animations of your product and logo, mission statements, etc). Step three….they converse with you about your product. Step four….that’s YOUR job.”

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