How to Convert Your Prospects to a Customer

How to convert your prospects to a customer here are 4 ways in which you can.

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A suspect or prospect or a person of interest, a possible suspect is a possible person of interest. You still need to get them to be a customer. Here’s four ways to do this.

Do you spend time with them asking questions? Do you friend them? When you spend more time with your prospects, they’ll likely then want to join you. When we want more customers we need to know what our sales cycle is. If you close too early, it’s like being on a date for the 1st time, and they say to you, what to go to bed with me? The answer is likely NO! (there are exceptions to this rule). if you are asking this question, they are back peddling and can’t wait to get away from you.

The challenge I have found is that we are asking the wrong questions or we just don’t spend enough quality time with people for them to say to us, I’m in! Or for them to say

“Tell me more.”

Another reason most people don’t join you because they don’t have the skills to what you want them to do. If you give someone a binder and say read this.. they read it, however, they may not know what to do next. If there is something you need them to do, you need to mentor or teach them how to do it. A one on one teaching session is more effective than in a group.

Do you offer Webinars? or Workshops? Once you have established a program or someone who can do one on one training for you..you’ll have more committed people who want to stay working with you and will help you grow your business.

You want each person you talk to say to you –

“I’m in, now what?”

What process do you take them to?

They need confidence and the new skills to help you attract more people, more customers, etc. You have to show them how to jump in. Do you have a process or step by step way to become a Leader with you?

One of the most recent complaints I heard about was, people who want support for their events, but for whatever reason they won’t support or share other peoples events.

First of all, how have you empowered people to promote the networking events? Posting an event and asking people to share it, doesn’t always work as they may not know how to share it.

Or they feel they don’t know enough people to invite people to the next networking event. There are a couple of ways you can teach someone to share the networking events. Ask them individually if they know how to share the events. Put into place a benefit for them to share it.

In re-capping set goals to be more communicative to your customers and staff:

1. Ask more questions – befriend them.
2. Ask them why they aren’t joining you.
3. Teach by mentoring them a new skill so they will feel more confident in helping you.
4. Make weekly dates with people.

We all get rusty sometimes, a refresher is all that is what we need.

If you aren’t converting your prospects or getting a higher volume of customers who are buying from you, perhaps it’s time to get some mentoring help. Let me know how I can help you.

Mari-Lyn Harris

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