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Impactful Legacy Podcast "To create an impressive, meaningful, powerful experiences, leaving a legacy of what you want to be known for by inspiring the human spirit."

Episodes starting in 2022

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Dr. LaTarsha Holden is a prolific author her autobiography, children’s books, a personal development training manual, Leadership Principles: The Power of Personal Development.

Jerry Fu, who is a conflict resolution coach who helps Asian-American leaders advance in their career and life journeys.

Anne deLain is a communication/relationship coach, has been helping people ask, listen, and respond better.

Jason Neufeld is the founding partner of Elder Needs Law, PLLC which focuses on a variety of Elder Law matters

Bill Lennan Co-founder of Haert skill based training

Bryan Clayton a serial entrepreneur focused on helping people with a lawnmowing biz

Delta Waters Death doula & registered nurse for hospice

Henry Kimbrough III a third generation funeral director

Manpreet Bawa a Personal Coach who helps you to release your fears for a joyful life.

Laurie Ellis-Young is has nurtured and realized a vision of ‘Breath Literacy’ –

Sakshi is a UNESCO Kindness Leader. She is the founder of Project LEAP, a social service project that she established at the age of 17 in India.

Would you like to be Credible? Watch how he's helping professionals to be credible

Through my deep vulnerability, he will inspire others to be their truest soul-connected selves, while he is on his journey

From leading teams, developing new market channels and setting strategies for global organizations

Become a better Marriage partner, specialize working with physician couples. As they are too!