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Alexis Haselberger Episode #23


Alexis Haselberger Episode #23 before opening her business she spent 15 years running HR and business operations in start-ups, honing her skills. 

Do you wake up at night thinking about something you need to do at work tomorrow? Do you go to bed thinking about all the things you didn’t get done today? Do you fall into bed exhausted every night having had no time for yourself? Do you sometimes feel like you’re failing at work and at home?

Now imagine how it would feel if you:
– Were able to leave work at work, and be present at home (while getting it all done!)
– Had time for yourself, every day.
– Could show up to every meeting, event or activity prepared and on time.
– Were well-rested and focused.
– Knew you were using your time in service of your own goals and values.

With my help, you’ll learn techniques, strategies, tips and hacks to get everything done…without the stress. You’ll put systems in place so you can feel, and truly be, on top of it all.

You’ll do more and stress less.

I’m a productivity, time-management and efficiency expert. Over almost 20 years working in Operations and HR for fast-paced start-ups, I’ve developed productivity systems, techniques and tricks that can be customized to any team, individual or household.

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