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Bryant Galindo Episode #12


Bryant Galindo is a mediator, consultant, and co-founder of CollabsHQ based in Pasadena, CA, leads people through intensive change and growth.
How to create an Impactful legacy

After receiving his Master of Science in Negotiation & Conflict Resolution from Columbia University, he started his business, helping founders and organizations to collaborate past differences. He has worked with the United Nations, Union Bank, and a half-dozen venture-backed startups, teaching business owners and first-time managers how to communicate authentically while leading through intensive change and growth.

I envision a world where all workers speak persuasively from their head and heart as they collaborate toward change.

Works as a mediator and consultant, and in creating the world that I envision, encourage learning by doing – empowering workers to move past obstacles easily and collaboratively through training and dialogue spaces I facilitate.

By facilitating high-stakes negotiations, coach founders, and create online learning environments that teach workers how to communicate and manage others.

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