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Cherryl Galezewski Episode #17

Cherryl Galezewski Episode #17 is her passion. She has learned that joy is in all our circumstances, we just have to look for it, by using our gifts and giving. Galezewski Episode #17

Cherryl Galezewski her gifts are sharing her hand made cards.. She shares that as we go through life’s problems, we heal by using our gifts and giving. 

Having been diagnosed with a life-altering illness, followed by a severe car accident that left her totally disabled, she began painting bright colored bouquets of flowers which lifted the darkness she felt. As she gave them away, she felt actual joy. This profound awareness caused her to create PassAlong Gifts. 

Each gift is a beautiful and inspirational work of art to enjoy available in a variety of materials (cards, magnets, and metal prints). The real power of the gift happens when the recipient decides to “PassAlong” those heart felt intentions with someone who inspires them. The back of each gift records who, when and why it is given. An online tracking feature allows everyone to follow along. Because PassAlong Gifts believes so strongly in the power of giving, they donate 50% of profits to charity.

The mission of PassAlong Gifts is to share kindness and unleash the power of giving. Partnering with a wide variety of businesses, organizations and nonprofits, PassAlong Gifts works with them to create custom designs to represent the values and vision they want to share. These gifts begin a pay-it-forward journey that builds joy and connection over and over again.

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