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Corey Harnish Episode #30


Corey Harnish Episode #30 is committed to increase the overall well-being of the world and instill happiness within the hearts and minds of individuals everywhere.

Corey believes entertainment is the most powerful tool to achieve this.

As a life coach and effective facilitator, Corey has lead the development of gamified systems for empowering positive social behavior change. He advises social entrepreneurs with business development, and is part of NEXUS Global, Rotary International, a Founding Member of WorldKindnessUSA, and an AmeriCorps VISTA Alumni.

Corey Harnish and I am a Social Impact Entertainment Specialist. For the last 5 years, I’ve been on a journey to increase the overall well-being of the world because I am passionate about instilling happiness within the hearts and minds of individuals, families, and communities.

Most importantly, I believe one of the most influential ways to do this is by merging the worlds of Entertainment (TV/Film/Media/Games) with the social impact space to raise awareness about global challenges, such as bullying, depression, and isolation. 

Through entertainment we can spread awareness and fuel people to alleviate these challenges, whether they exist in their own lives, or the lives of those close to them in a fun and meaningful way..

One of my most important goals in life is to create, inspire, and support productions, businesses, and communities of social impact specialists, who collaboratively work to catalyze positive social change – and I’ve already started.

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