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Dara Connolly Episode #25


Dara Connolly  Episode #25 works with women, organizations to end workplace sexism, bullying, and harassment. Prevent bullies, abusers, and predators, live a confident, fearless, safe life.

Dara Connolly will give you Bully Busting skills like no other! She founded Kurukula Women’s Empowerment in 2004 to help women handle every-day abusers. She knew that her martial arts black-belt was insufficient and left her ill prepared to handle “Johnny” the aggressive colleague who pressured her or her bully boss after college.

Dara and her award-winning workshops will help you speak up in relationships and prevent bullies, abusers, and predators so you live Confident, Fearless, and Safe. She’s the author of Someone You Know; Expert Secrets to Prevent Bullies, Sexual Assault & Bad Relationships and the  Jerky Johnny safety game- both are top-sellers on Amazon. Dara is an award-winning speaker that will transform your group.

She’s available for international speaking engagements or private coaching. Email
Phone: 510-847-2400

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