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Impactful Legacy in 2023

Impactful Legacy in 2023, what’s new? It’s been a dry spell of doing podcasts, as there have been many things I’ve had to catch up with. Decisions and whats’ next.

I am sure you are planning, thinking about what’s next for you.. let me bring you up to speed of my experiment of offering the podcasts through a newsletter – via a RSS feed. I have over 600 articles on this site, from writing about various topics.

I pulled the subdomain from heartatwork, and imported all the podcasts.. now you can subscribe to just the podcasts if you would like, or Marketing or…. other information

Doing a blog and newsletter is usually writing duplicate content or separate information and of course more work. Here is the link for the podcasts to subscribe to:


If you would like to be a guest here is want the show is generally about

Welcome to the Podcast Show about “Creating an Impactful Legacy.”

What is an Impactful Legacy?

To create an impressive, meaningful, powerful experiences, leaving a legacy of what you want to be known for by inspiring the human spirit.”

First Step:

Book your interview time:

I will then send you a link with the details for the interview video call on Zoom. You are booking at the Pacific Time Zone. This is what will happen for Impactful Legacy in 2023

Audios are on – we are on 7 channels, Spotify

Videos  under Impactful Legacy Youtube:

The first appointment will be a get to know you chat, and see if you are a fit. The second call we will do the podcast together, it’s 30 minutes generally.

You’ll receive the podcast shows once a month, usually 3 at a time, by the 10th of each month…( as the shows pick up, I’ll send them out more frequently.

If you have any questions please use the contact form

Once again if you would like to have the shows delivered to your email.. enter your information  podcast shows

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