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Inspiration as it awaits

Welcome to receiving inspiration as it awaits for you. This channel is just for the Podcasts about “How to leave a impactful legacy.”

It’s for CEO’s, non-profits and business owners. More of a slight for women, a they tend to want to more to help people.

On the channel you will see our speakers or interviewees, as they each get a page on the site. The pre-launch, will begin July until July 23, 2019. After this date weekly shows will be posted under SPEAKERS.

The topics will be about, leading with kindness, workplace culture, trust, engagement, the challenges workplaces have. The core part is about the people who move your business forward and help you grow. As we don’t do it alone. Most of us will agree that we all need to take a step back to see what’s working and what isn’t.

Even Gary Vee says’ Kindness Matters.

When you care as a leader it will show up for better sales, profits, branding, inspiration and happiness.

Hope you enjoy!

Mari-Lyn Harris

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