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Kimberly Wiefling Episode #6


Kimberly Wiefling Episode #6 helps organizations achieve what SEEMS impossible, but is merely difficult. How? By turning managers into leaders, groups of people into teams

Kimberly Wiefling helps organizations achieve what SEEMS impossible, but is merely difficult. How? By turning managers into leaders and groups of people into real teams through her unique “WorkShocks” – highly engaging, experiential, interactive “Learning Laboratories” where real change happens, leading to meaningful and measurable business results.

A TECHNOLOGIST with HUMAN SKILLS: A physicist by education, she realized long ago the limits of technology devoid of human skills – the so-called “touchy feely” aspects of working in teams so vital to success, and so frequently overlooked. Kimberly’s mentor, Dr. Edgar Schein, has been a guiding influence on her work to transform business results through practical, sensible approaches. Kimberly is a founder of the Silicon Valley Engineering Leadership Community Meetup (formerly SVForum EL SIG).

DEEP EXPERIENCE with GLOBAL COMPANIES: Kimberly has worked all over the US, Europe and Asia, traveling to Japan ~100 times to help Japanese companies globalize. Her superpower is bringing people with diverse backgrounds and cultures together, across borders and boundaries of every kind, to achieve what none could do alone.

Kimberly is a founding member of The Institute for Inspired Organizational Culture’s .

Meet Kimberly Wiefling, Global Business Leadership Consultant, Internationally Published Author, Transformational Facilitator and Coach, and Force of Nature . . . the GOOD kind!

Her gift to you is on her website.

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Thank you Kimberly. 

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