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Lauren Hisey Episode #49

Lauren Hisey Episode #49 an expert in Lean Six Sigma, Lauren helps businesses to improve profitability and culture to drive sustainable growth.

Lauren Hisey embraces and overcomes the challenges that other people prefer to avoid. She is not your typical consultant or coach.  She uses a calming influence, Continuous Improvement, and Lean Six Sigma through regular conversations to help create effective change within any business. As an expert in Lean Six Sigma, Lauren helps businesses to improve profitability and culture to drive sustainable growth.

She has spent 13 years living and breathing Lean Six Sigma and Continuous Improvement as a coach, consultant, trainer, and speaker with different sizes businesses, universities, podcasts, and various networking associations.  She has a passion for Continuous Improvement and loves to show others how to use it effectively in their businesses and personal life.

 As an expert in Lean Six Sigma, she expertly helps businesses to improve profitability and drive sustainable growth through Lauren Hisey Consulting. With a roster of accomplishments that have captured $13.5 M in cost savings and revenue generation for companies like AT&T, Nielsen, non-profit organizations, and small businesses. Lauren can help a business owner or leader see their business from a different perspective to help them become profitable in today’s every-changing fast pace environment.

Lauren has been an employee and a business owner; she loves the innovation and creativity that entrepreneurship provides. During her career journey has taken, Lauren has helped different parts of the corporate world from TA/HR, Sales, Operations, Product Leadership, Customer Service, and Technology. She makes the most of each day and loves helping people to solve problems so they can succeed.

Lauren has certifications in Lean Six Sigma and Project Management.  She holds a Master of Business Administration from St. Leo University and a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Government from the University of South Florida.  She resides in North Georgia with her husband on four acres. Lauren likes to spend time with her husband, hiking, gardening, cooking, and yoga.  

A tireless contributor to the community, Lauren has worked with such organizations as Dress for Success, Kettering Executive Network, and the USF Corporate Mentor Program. Additionally, Lauren has served as the President for the Nielsen Toastmasters. 

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