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Michal Levison Episode #28


Michal Levison Episode #28,  is a speaker, engagement and relationship building expert, the author of two Amazon five-star cookbooks to leading Growing Healthy Communities revolution.

Michael Levison

Her company, Seasoned Moments, reframes mealtime as an opportunity for growth, development, connection, creativity and productivity.

Since launching Seasoned Moments, Michal has helped hundreds of employees engage with their company’s mission, work more effectively with their teams, collaborate with their colleagues, to create more productive schedules, to feel less alone and more connected at the workplace. She has also taught thousands of families how to connect and achieve balance through family meals.

Michael her work have been featured on Thrive Global, Huff Post, Fox News Opinions, feedfeed, The Record, The Jewish Standard and New Jersey Monthly.

In 2016, Michal was awarded the prestigious Rising Star Award by the Jewish Federation of North Jersey to honor her outstanding service to the community. She was one of 400 leaders selected to participate in the Facebook Communities Summit.

The link: The discount code is HEART25 (for a 25% discount on the books)

Since this podcast was recorded she has gone continued to write more books

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