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Olivier Lemaignen Episode #11


Olivier Lemaignen Episode #11 an Executive Coach, Marketing Consultant and Business Coach. He is known as a growth hacker. Among his clients are companies such as Intuit, WalletHub, McAfee and Evite.

Olivier Lemaignen

Olivier Lemaignen brings 25 years of marketing experience to the team, including two Silicon Valley CMO positions in the FinTech (Credit Sesame) and online legal services/SaaS (FamilyWise) industries. Both engagements resulted in successful funding by institutional investors. He has led marketing teams at start-ups and well-known consumer brands such as Intuit (Online Acquisition for Intuit’s largest division), Invisalign (Head of Consumer Marketing) and LegalZoom (VP of Marketing.)

Over the course of his marketing career, Mr. Lemaignen has worked at direct-response agencies with clients such as Sprint, NordicTrack, Whirlpool, Midas and Progressive Insurance; as well as subscription-based businesses partnering with large banking clients such as Amoco, BP, Shell, Chevron, The Associates, and Citigroup. Uses analytics to prioritize initiatives and impact business results.
+1 (650) 224-7947

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