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Shar Behzadian Episode #14


Shar Behzadian Episode #14 learned early on that cultural wisdom that we can share with the world, no matter where we come from, we are all very similar.

Moreover, our differences are the same.

Shar is CEO at World Inside Out. A California Corporation that works with Travel Tribe to curate and work with global artists to enable borderless minds through designing and producing experiences at Bohoing. Born in Iran, cooked in San Francisco and transformed in Oaxaca, she had a diverse exposure to various minds and cultures.

Shar learned early on that no matter where we come from, we are all very similar. She uses tech to enable travelers to curate the wisdom and produces them to improve our work environments and gatherings.

Previously, Shar was an Entrepreneur in Residence at Peace Innovation Lab at Stanford University, where she directed the creation of a startup incubator program for peace entrepreneurs. Prior, she founded SF Design Lab to cultivate design thinking  while completing her MBA studies at San Francisco State University.”

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