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Would you like to be Credible? Watch my good friend Mitchell Levy share about what’s he’s been up to and how he’s helping professionals to be credible.

Today’s blog post is about Mitchell Levy update of what he’s been up to, since I last had him on my Podcast Show of Creating an Impactful Legacy.


Global Credibility Expert Mitchell Levy (Pronounced Lee Vee) Is A TEDx Speaker And International Bestsellng Author Of Over 60 Books. As The AHA Guy At AHAthat, He Helps To Extract The Genius From Your Head In A Two Hour Interview So That His Team Can Ghostwrite Your Book, Publish It, Distribute It And Make You An Amazon Bestselling Author In Four Months.

Look up Mitchell Levy: his website   and his TedTalk he shared with us!

His  social  media  links  are:


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After watching the video again, I certainly didn’t look  very excited.. I’m taking in all his information and sharing and our conversation.

Tune into other podcast shows., I’ll be updating the Subscription form as well.

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