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Join the Collaborative Tribe. By helping you to Connect with YOUR Audience. A collaborative group joining you’ll have people supporting you.

So you can deliver your message to the world. This is my business vision.

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My goal is to help 1,000 Entrepreneurs…Thank you for accepting the the offer to work with me, either one on one or in the Collaborative Tribe. My goal is to help 1,000 Entrepreneurs to double their visibility. I always over’ll get much more value out of this than your $47.00/month.

Joining The Collaborative Tribe, click on this button, you’ll go to PayPal and return to this site to get your BONUS GIFT of my “The Power of a Winning Social Media Strategy, e-book” (it’s valued at $29.97)

Join The Collaborative Tribe


Here’s what some of my clients had to say –

I found the workshops I’ve taken inspiring, Mari-Lyn & Patricia helped me to focus on who my customers are based who I want. The idea of defining the person that make you tick was very insightful. Our group was from very different sectors, it was useful to discover what other people were going through. I would highly recommend this workshop.” Michelle Dodds of Cargo & James Tea – Franchise Sales

What I got from on of the workshops, was the cross-section of ideas that I could modify. The brain-storming, the diversity of options and feedback that I gained was very valuable. Creating my client profile certainly gave me a kick in the butt to keep on attracting clients for my business.” Beth Simpson Ace Clear Defense Security Laminates

The Attracting Ideal Clients’ was the best two hours I have ever spent. I got real clear of who is my niche is. As a green cleaning company, we will be the leader on the commercial cleaning industry. I also felt charged up in taking my next step.” Vini Buecken of Valo Maintenance. A follow-up since Vini had taken our workshop was – she had gotten 6 new contracts.

“It was great. Taking in the Networking Tele-seminar with Bette Daoust, I was given places to go to help me with my networking and marketing. The “Attracting Your Ideal Clients” which really helped me to see what I really wanted to have as my clients. Where to find them and how I will attract them. I want to be a famous photographer for the Equine industry. I felt energized, got my prices lined up and everything is a go!” Since taking these classes I have doubled my sales and increased my client base. Linda Finstad A Sharper Image Photography

“I enjoy workshops where we get to do the WORK in stead of just listening. In a short few hours I got improved clarity of who my customer is, what they want and what I have to deliver. The clarity gives me great momentum to be working on my projects right now.” John Robson of Higher Awareness

In a few words,The Collaborative Tribe is the most effective way to grow and develop your social business to success. I always over deliver, you will get much more than what you will pay for. Just for $47.00 per month.

Join The Collaborative Tribe


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Join The Collaborative Tribe

If you knew you could be better than you are doing now.. then, consider join this tribe or get an accountability  partner.

Thank You,

Mari-Lyn Harris
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