Kill people with Kindness

Kill people with Kindness” this will turn people around in their perceptions and beliefs. It’s all about kindness and relationships. It should be every day!

As the saying goes “Kill people with Kindness” this will turn people around in their perceptions and beliefs. It’s all about kindness and relationships.

A friend of mine said to me once, “Convert them to your church,” which is more kindness please!

“A value led business can be highly profitable, there are plenty of companies thriving today. Altruism is the old answer. The new answer is it’s just good business.”

Ben and Jerry Ice Cream said this about being kinder.

Kindness is one value that is sometimes forgotten or thought of as a weakness. I have found that giving from one heart to another, can be challenging. Many times if we are more conscious of what we are saying or doing, then we can be kinder.”

Kindness has been my journey to discover, to speak about, to take a look at and to learn how to be more kind to myself and others. Simple things, like thanking myself for cooking a wonderful meal, taking myself out for a walk, being grateful for my own company and birthing my own passions. What are you willing to discover for yourself?
As kindness relates to relationships, through customer service, to retention of employees and customers, it’s an ongoing concern. How are you going to keep them?

People stay where they are appreciated and valued. Do you stay as a friend or employee or customer if you aren’t valued and appreciated?

Kindness is a verb, a word that can simply make the difference. Yes, it takes action, it takes words, that are thoughtful and lifts people up. Be grateful, share and show how you appreciate the people you work and associate with.

On a daily basis we have many opportunities to give to humanity, the guy who is impoverished begging on the street, we have the opportunity to give him a kind word, buy him a sandwich, bless him, or just have a conversation with this person.

To help someone go across the street, or mail out random acts of messages to encourage people whether we know them or not. I mailed out my new business cards to people who I had not spoken to for a while, with an individual message to them, the responses I got back were: “Thank you, I am speechless,” Thanks for brightening my day.” “What a beautiful card and the message just for me.”

There were those who did not reply back, that’s okay. We are at the right place at the right time to make a difference for someone every time . It’s not about us, it’s about how the you make the other person feel. What seeds of kindness can we plant?

Kindness is the glue that sticks us together…use it generously.”

by Mari-Lyn Harris

Kindness is all knowing, it’s always here with us, to use to pass it along, to share it to play with it, we can hold it in our hands, in our minds, to meditate on it, to use it generously, it’s supportive, its like a comfortable bra, its’ our friend, we can take pictures of it, it can be placed near our hearts. It all works best by passing it on.

Guess what, you now have the opportunity to do so, go out there share 3 acts of kindness each day, see how your life changes you.


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