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Kindness has been with me since 2000, this website has grown so much over the years, more pages, posts, Kindness Hero Awards and Kindness@Work conferences too!

To help people to find more information about this topic decided it was time to, give the site more structure.

In this section, you will find all the topics related to kindness under this umbrella. If you want to know more about the Podcast show – Creating an Impactful Legacy.. you’ll find all the shows on this website. If you would like to be on the Podcast show, then please book an appointment. A new website was created for the Kindness@Work Conferences.

The Kindness Hero Awards ended in 2015.. However, I will be getting them up and running again soon. for 2022

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Why Kindness?

Kindness transforms lives so easily – some will say because it’s such a simple word  that it isn’t possible to transform lives.

Some business people would question:

“What does kindness have to do with business, anyway?” Is this a real question or just to prove a point? Or perhaps business owners really couldn’t figure out how kindness can make a difference in their workplace. In the section, you’ll read about Kindness stories, how to make a difference, learning about compassion and care, to pay it forward. Also the Kindness@Work Business Conference – it’s become it’s own mini website where we showcase our Keynote speakers, their bio’s and what they are going to talk about. Some of them also have some free offers. If you do a search for Kindness, you’ll find several articles about kindness.

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