How You Can Build Relationships that Build your Business

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How you can build relationships that build our business. Come into my living room for a bit. I’m working with my mastermind partners, and we’re talking about marketing techniques that are working for us now.,/h2> Pull up a chair. I want to help you find different ways to grow your business through Relationships. I would love to have you join me in the next tele-seminar. Or perhaps you would like to interview me and … read more..

What kind of Entrepreneur are you?

There are many kinds of Entrepreneurs and business owners you’ll want to be sure you work for the right one that fits your values. There are variety of different kinds and ways in which they do business. You want to be sure that you can work within their style. When you decide to work in the Direct Sales arena you want to pick someone that you feel good about, not just because they are … read more..

Is it Gratitude Time?

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Are you grateful for everything in your life? If not, is it Gratitude Time for you? Even the times when you say to yourself what the??$%# is going on. Yes, all the time. Even when you feel nothing is moving along for you – or you have so many great ideas and you become unfocused it’s gratitude time. When you’ve been looking for a job for so long and nothing seems to be showing … read more..

What if You Could be Limitless?

Ever thought of yourself as Limitless? If you want to become limitless, you need to work on not having limits. One of the things I learned was as long as you tell yourself or say to someone else that you “Can’t” do something. Or if you are in the “No Party” How many times do you tell yourself NO or CAN’T? Think about it. And if someone is telling you NO or Can’t, then … read more..

Why should you follow your passion?

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Why you want to consider why should you follow your passion or starting your own business. With the job market overflowing with talent, you likely have come to the conclusion that is getting tough out there. We need to become our own free agents. Whether we like it or not. You are not just competing against other professionals, you are competing agains the shifts in the marketplace itself. For example have you noticed that … read more..

How to Become Happier

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On my own journey of doing a self-discovery of who am I? I woke up this morning, knowing that where I am today is perfect. I am starting to fix what I don’t like in my life right now.. Right now, all my experiences are for good, I own that I am a child of God, I can do anything. As I begin to fill myself up, I am discovering that I am becoming … read more..

Re-Creating You

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Re-creating you is about re-inventing yourself. What have your own experiences been, when work ends un-expectantly like getting laid off, or you quit or you get fired or relationships end for a variety of reasons. How can you re-create yourself? Your core of who are are is where you need to start, And she’s been on top and crashed and now can teach all of us to discover our pain. It does get deep. … read more..

3 Things Needed for Re-inventing

Ok, you are ready to do something different, but what? Maybe you have always known what you want to do, just not sure where to start..maybe you want to start your own business or maybe you are ready to jump in to add some more excitement in your life. Mostly, we have been taking too much space and not really living our lives. After a long marriage you want to venture onto something else … read more..

Unleashing Your Power

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We are all presented with challenges and opportunities, that we can either say YES! or not. If they are relationships that are falling apart we need to take time to grieve and pay attention to the ahh moments that we discover for ourselves. They usually pop up when we least expect it. That’s enough about that… As I was writing out my new About Mari-Lyn page for my blog, I realized that I am … read more..

11 Ways to Create Connection Evangelists

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Here are 11 ways to create connection evangelists to help you grow your connections. One of the things I have been doing more on a concious level is connecting with people I already know. These are people on Facebook, LinkedIn and who are in my address book. I must confess that I haven’t been that active in staying in touch with people. Yes, I have a few of my closest networking buddies, just haven’t … read more..

Power Networking

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Even as a Networking Addict, I am always looking for ways to be better. In the Success Magazine 2011, there are 10 actions we can do today to become better at networking 1. Connect the dots this just means have clear mesaurable goals to help you to get to where you want to go. Write up your main goal and find three ways in which you can achieve it. 2. Never hurts to ask … read more..

The Thank You Economy

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The Thank you Economy according to Gary Vay Ner Chuk, who wrote the fabulous book Crush It. – His second book is about “The Thank you Economy”..he believes it is much easier now to develop relationships with people via Social Media. Developing relationships is time consuming, by doing the one on one with people, you want to win their hearts and minds. By doing it this way, you’ll gain better and more effective results … read more..

Why do relationships have to be so challenging?

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Why do relationships have to be so challenging? When we think about situations in our life, what communications did we miss or not communicate? Recently, I was asked if I was interested in taking over a Women’s Networking group, since the gal who has been hosting it said she was done. And then all of a sudden a couple more gals said, they wanted to help. I thought great! My intention was that it … read more..

Capturing Attention in Your Marketing

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Capturing attention in your marketing is about using videos, to reach more people according to Anita Campbell and David Langton. There are several Anita Campbell and David Langton have said in their new book “It’s Visual.” Most people learn and retain when it’s visual. And it can boost your business. I was fortunate to receive a copy of their book in my mail box, totally a surprise. They share in their book powerful … read more..

Overcoming your Prospecting Fears Forever

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Overcoming your prospecting fears forever. This blog post is brought to you by Bonnie Gortier a Wealth & Health Coach. One of the biggest challenges when joining a network marketing company is to find people to join your business opportunity. As your own boss you recognize why selling, sponsoring, and attending training are necessary. If you just stay the course you will be able to sponsor many of the people you meet at group … read more..

How to Get More Customers

How to get more customers starts by converting your leads into sales. Unfortunately, inquiries soon they become cold and the person on the other end feels rejected and goes somewhere else. Say someone fills out a form from your website and requests more information? A member of your team, sends out a brochure or refers them to a part of your website to get more information. Then what? How many times has someone from … read more..

What’s the Difference Between Customer Service and Retention?

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What’s the difference between customer service and retention? A big difference, one your customers return the other one they don’t. This subject came up when a gal was sharing me her experiences while she was in Sedona, for a weekend getaway, some good ones and some not so good. I decided to take my relationship marketing services to a narrower niche of customer retention, particularly businesses in Hospitality. As I was talking to Margo, … read more..

How to be a Successful Networker Online

Here are 17 ways of how to be a successful networker online. If you are involved in business, then you know that networking is essential for your success. With websites like Linkedin, Facebook, Ning and other services it is easier than ever to network online. Unfortunately, most people don’t network. Here are some quick and easy tips to ensure successful networking online. 1) Your number one goal is to get your suspects to look … read more..

Empower Your Marketing Mindset

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To empower your marketing mindset “Learn to love Marketing.” Yep, write out affirmations “I Love Marketing” “I Love Communicating” I Love to learn.” You get the idea – You’ll need a mindset to carry out your marketing, this will help you to advance your business and have customers which equal to being profitable. The kind of things that I find I am really into is using different forms or ways to communicate, to help … read more..

15 Ways to Retain Your Customers

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Here are 10 ways to retain your customers, whether it is Business to Business or Business to Consumer, it is all the same. 1. Figure out the the lifetime value of your customer you ought to offer incentive packages to retain them. Often a customer is 20x more valuable than a new customer, considering the cost of acquiring new customers. The lifetime of a customer can vary, like Lexus might be $600,000; Taco Bell … read more..

10 Top Tips in Having More Relationships

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Here’s 10 top tips in having more relationships that can be abundant in networking buddies or referral buddies. Here are some tips in how you can begin to attract more relationships, these people will help you bring more wealth and abundance into your business. 1. Create a Networking mindset When you focus on creating more of what kind of relationships you want your openness will allow more people to be attracted to you. You … read more..

How to Automate Your Social Media

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How to automate your social media, here are 9 ways in which you can get started. You don’t want do this for everything otherwise you will lose the connection to your audience. A word about automating your campaigns, particular Twitter, is eventually you will lose your client base. Social Media is about engagement and connecting with people, by having conversations with them. The tools I really like using are: Tweet, if you partner … read more..

20 Reasons Why Your Marketing Sucks

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Many times we don’t know why our marketing isn’t working for us, I came up with 20 reasons why your marketing sucks. 1. You don’t know who your customer is or who buys your product or services. Just because your product could be used by several people, the more you narrow down your niche/audience the more successful you will be. 2. You don’t the value you offering your customer. This is a challenge when … read more..

How to Get More Quality Customers

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How to get more quality customers has been written about so much that I wonder if we have become blind to the idea of doing out of the box tactics or strategies. We tend to listen to many experts in giving us advice how to do this. I like using crowd-source ideas, by listening to what other business people are saying and doing. The challenge for most of us is that when we are … read more..

Shortage of Customers? 4 Ways to Get More

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Do you have a shortage of customers? Here’s 4 ways to get more. Too often we get caught up in how we’ve always done things, because that’s how we’ve always done them. It’s important to get new ideas from other people and find different ways to help us bring in sales. Many years ago, I learned this lesson of not MARKETING. I would get clients and then forget about doing my MARKETING. Without MARKETING, … read more..

Creating a Nurturing Drip Campaign

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Creating a nurturing drip campaign is important to your customers. Your audience will love you for this..growing better relationships for your business Using drip campaigns on a consistent basis this is usually used to nurture your leads. Most often your messages are delivered via e-mail because of a short-term around. Each of your messages are sent out in a campaign to build upon each message. It encourages a specific action that you want the … read more..

Are You Listening?

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Are you Listening to your audience, if not you are missing out on the conversations you need to pay attention to. For example I was speaking to a gal about what she does and how she is trying to help small business owners..(I was where she is many years ago) and what I found is, that she wants to provide a solution to them that she thinks they need. Well, they may need it, … read more..

How to Generate More.. Relationships

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How to generate more, customers, fans, visitors, and leads that will turn into better, friendly long term relationships. HubSpot they have developed a concept of Inbound Marketing, it is without using advertising, direct marketing, cold calls, ads in the newspapers and on TV. This type of marketing tends to be stale and ineffective. When did you last respond to an ad from your local paper? You might of called them to ask for more … read more..

Building Collaborative Relationships

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Building collaborative relationships are when two or more people come together to work together to realize the shared goals. This is more than the intersection of common goals seen in co-operative ventures, but a deep, collective, determination to reach an identical objective. Most collaboration requires leadership, although the form of leadership can be social within a decentralized and people who advocate or will support a principle. In particular, teams that work collaboratively can obtain … read more..

Shifting to Collaboration

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We need to shift our mind-set, by shifting to collaboration. Are you ready to grow exponentially? Are you feeling overwhelmed, not leaving enough time for you for you to enjoy your life? You know who you are, ready, willing and want to grow to the next level. How do you do this when you are already so busy? It’s called collaborating. We need to shift our mind-set, shift of how we are doing things, … read more..

Relationships: The Party Principle

Please DO my social Media Marketing survey click here. If you haven’t figured it out by now Social Media is about relationships. So many people seem to think that the more connections you have then it’s about calling this social proof. I don’t agree simply because you can have many followers, if they aren’t willing to share information or promote you or even ask you how they can help you or collaborate with you … read more..

Marketing: Social Media Survey

In order to serve you better, I want to find out what is working for you and what is not. When Michael A. Stelzner wrote a white paper about Social Media Marketing in 2009, much has changed since then. I have also changed what I write about on Heart@Work as well. This is simply because I am more passionate about relationships, growing a community and helping people to do this, since it really what … read more..

Benefits of Marketing Your Blog

Advantages of Blog Content Contributions From Sales Perspective Posted by Pamela Seiple We’ve compiled a list of advantages: 1. Drives More Content: More contributors means more people to create content, which is a good thing because research has shown that keeping your blog fresh by publishing content regularly leads to better blogging success. 2. Divides Responsibility: More contributors also means the responsibility of producing a steady stream of new content can be divided among … read more..

Happy Valentines Day!

Valentines day is tomorrow Feb 14, which also Kindness week begins. I have created a video message for you. At the end of this video, it would be nice if you would take the time out to reach out to your connections by calling them. Even if it is only to re-introduce yourself and by asking them what they need help in. When they ask for help be sure to follow up with them, … read more..

How to Add Value to Your Relationships

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How to add value to your relationships. Part of the value you add is when you know your persona of your customer. This part of the process in any business on or off line connections, customers, clients or buyers is so key..yet so many people that I have spoken to want to avoid it. Why? When it will make it so much easier for you and you’ll save a lot of time. This works … read more..

6 Ways to Show Your Appreciation

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Here are six ways to show your appreciation, the Where Magazine, and got the idea of a Tipping Guide for people who may have helped you in your business. One of my collaborative partners Carol Deckert is now introducing people as she is known as a Connector. She introduced me to a couple of people who she values and thought we could all work together. Great idea Carol! Sometimes we just need ideas to … read more..

Online marketing isn’t for the faint of heart

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Online marketing isn’t for the faint of heart it goes from a puzzle to an action plan. It’s a simple list of tasks to do until new habits are formed. The goal : · To notice the best in people and give recognition. · Give a hand to someone in need. · Listen to what people are saying about your specialty, brand, product or service. · Make an invitation to try or learn more … read more..

Secrets in Keeping Clients

How High Is Your Loyalty Factor? Originally posted on December 8, 2007 How often do we stop to think, “How we can get more loyal clients/customers to buy our products and services?” I am sure many times. If you only just tweaked a couple of things in what you do, it is more than likely there will be an increase in the loyalty of your clients. There are several ways to increase customer loyalty. … read more..

How to Get Your Social Circle Network to Work

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Let’s focus on how to get your social circle network to work for you. Just Do It! When we all do this, then all of our dreams, goals and manifestations will show up. How many invites have you gotten to join other people on various networks? If you don’t they seem to think that you don’t care about them. Or they take it personally. I made a decision that if I can’t participate by … read more..