If you want to Attract new Clients

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If you want to attract new clients, you’ll have to customize what you offer to each segment or vertical. For example if you want to reach out to realtors or other financial professionals, then you need to send them content that only pertains to them. Create packages or programs that they are only interested in. A realtor that I know was looking for a coach to help her to stay focused on selling real … read more..

What is Relationship Marketing

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What is relationship marketing, most times people are confused what Relationship Marketing really is. Relationship marketing, in a sense, is all about connections and maintaining relationships. The challenge for some of us to describe what relationship marketing is to break-down what it isn’t vs what it is. Here’s what I came up with: Wayne Hurlbert says, “Relationship marketing and relationship building with blogs has long been considered a major reason for starting and maintaining … read more..

Promotion is Crucial!

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Promotion is Crucial! Many say artists and marketing don’t mix! Many artists hate marketing themselves. Not only for sales, but..your events.. I totally understand these feelings but let me say that marketing can be tedious but it can also be a very positive experience for artists; it’s a great way to meet like-minded people, sell your wares, network and enjoy events you’re participating in. That being said, let me tell you…it’s also HARD WORK! … read more..

Having Your Own Entourage

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Having your own entourage is possible. There are many ways we can, the next few articles will help you to create it. Seeking ways to do change making in your business or project? Alexa Clay wrote a great article 5 Tips for Growing Change Making Community Even though she, talks about Intrapreneurs -( these are people who are growing a company within a company). It’s true doing something solo is harder than working with … read more..

Sharing Your Story

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Sharing your story in how and why you are in business or about what your projects are about. It’s so easy to talk to people from your head and not your heart. How can we tell our story not only in our 3 second pitch that we use out networking also in our writing or articles and having people sharing them on our behalf. There are several places where you can post your content … read more..

10 Tips to Keep the Funnel Full

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In order to have ongoing clients we need to keep the funnel full. If you aren’t keeping the funnel full, who is? Who’s doing your marketing and promotions for you while you are busy with clients? Got lots of clients? And are they keeping you busy? That’s great! This has been one of my BIGGEST lessons to learn in having my own business as a consultant. It’s been great to work for my clients, … read more..

What’s a Money Tree?

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What’s a money tree? I like to call it a visual view of what your revenue streams (money) for your business looks like, it’s a visual perspective. This painting represents a money tree. Some call it a place where you can visit in your imagination. I call it a visual view of what your revenue streams for your business looks like. One day I was out walking and hugging the trees and looking at … read more..

How to get more business..

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How to get more business, means that you have to be open to different ideas. This, will help you to increase your marketing and have social proof. I’ve been having conversations with people who have not done anything new to promoting and marketing themselves and yet they sit in judgement about how other people are doing things. Or how big their list is? I am always learning about different ways to do things. I … read more..

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