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Kindness Matters Conference

Kindness Matters Conference 2020 is about celebrating kindness in business. Let’s learn how it can benefit all organizations.

Learn about the possibilities of been a representative of Kindness and how you can integrate it into your business and your own life. The kindness matters conference will showcase speakers who have done it, have experience using kindness. They have their own experiences, expertise and a proven track record.

Together as a Collective, we will be able to help you, by sharing our experiences with you and giving you the space of creating a kinder and happier workplace and world.


A value-based business in the long term will be more profitable and a more desirable place to work for. Many people will be looking for guidance as they re-start their businesses, be inspired to shift, ready for a transformation for themselves, their employees, and the business community. It’s the wave of transformation people are looking for.

By leading with kindness, companies realize that their productivity, profits, communication, diversity, employee engagement improve the workplace culture. The Kindness Matters Conference 2020 is aimed to CEO’s, Managers, Business Owners/Entrepreneurs  and Executive Directors.

How can you participate?

Share the ideas, the links, write a blog post about your kindness story, reach out to us, provide music, a mini session, testimonial, or simply join us. Tickets are available, now.The speaker schedule are listed under Sponsors they are listed under the day they are presenting.

This conference is produced by Mari-Lyn Harris, of whom has produced it before along with the Kindness Hero Awards. She believes Kindness is the undercurrent to being Socially Conscious, to have a strong economy of doing good. In view in what is going on in the world today, of Black Lives Matter, Police reform and our political environment, firming believes Kindness can and will make a difference. Peace. Harmony. Balance.


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