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30 Day Kindness Challenge

The 30 day Kindness Challenge has started, the challenge was given to me by a friend of mine. It’s a way to get the message out about Kindness in the workplace.

Empowering people to have a healthier experience at work, or whatever they call work. The approach is to be willing, to have a meaningful life.

The Kindness tips are to help the Leader to the Employee to embrace a kinder environment together. In 2001 – 2015, I found that the employees wanted a better place to work in, however the employers were in fear of, felt that they would lose control of the employees. I am hear to say, if everyone pulled together the approach would be much better.

Not to say that all workplace culture is not good, there is always room for improvement. For those who are seeking different options there is a way or process to help the powers to be.

Day 1: Kindness Lesson

Be Kind

Who’s willing to adopt this lesson into their life? Are you ready? Questions or comments leave them in the comment section or drop by and join the Kindness@Work group on Facebook.

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