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6 Ways to Stay in Touch

6 ways to stay in touch with those who you care about – friends, clients and family. Relationships matter if they don’t then you’ll find yourself alone and lonely.

I am almost finished by 30 Day Kindness Challenge of which I have been posting my tips, kind deeds on my Facebook personal page. Sharing business kindness tips and self-care ones too.

On Sunday I reached out to a friend of whom I had not talked to for awhile. I don’t know why she doesn’t call me, depressed or out of the area? She shared with me that going to Starbucks and writing or reading books is no longer fun. So she prefers to get on her computer and view the dating sites. I was sad, because life has so much of offer us. Reaching out to other people whether it means go out and volunteer or out for a walk or take a community class, find a part-time will help with any loneliness one may be experiencing.

It’s key to stay in touch with those we care about. It will lift both of us up. This is just a simple act of kindness that can be easily shared.

If you are a owner of a business or in sales one must keep networking by getting out meeting new people have them be a top of mind for the benefit for the both of you.

All relationships matter – it really depends upon you now to take action and do your part. There are a few of ways you can do this:

  • A phone call
  • Send an e-greeting
  • Send them articles that would of be of interest to them
  • Invite them out for a coffee
  • Invite them out to a networking meeting.
  • Send them a card

What I would really like you to do, is to take one of these ideas and start implementing them today!

Mari-Lyn Harris
Be kind
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