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Celebrating World Kindness

Celebrating world kindness day is Nov 13 every year on this day, by being kind to myself is self-love. Praise yourself with I am enough every day.

Celebrating your life’s adventures even the baby steps of fun, ease and joy will help you to stay grounded. I’ve been rather busy with other things in my life, yet if I pause just to say Thank you, or remember the steps I’ve made then I can say I am being kinder to myself.

Sometimes just being busy for the sake of being busy doesn’t work. How many times have you taken the time out for yourself? Have you been afraid, just to surrender and let go what isn’t working for you? Why?

So much of it, for me anyway is I am still wanting approval. The only approval I need is what I want to have and do in my own life. This is why, I still feel that being kind to myself needs to come first.

Whatever you do to Celebrate World Kindness Day, let it be for you. If it means pulling away from everyone and resting, a day of do nothing is what I used to call this days. Not going anywhere, just resting, watching a movie, eating junk food if you want or just sleeping the day away.

What I know for sure is that a good day worth of sleep will serve you well. You will feel much better.

As you celebrate World Kindness Day – be kinder to yourself, 1st, then think about what you are doing if it’s right for you and the betterment of all. Then, either do it or do nothing. It’s still lots of time this week or any other week in the year to do a “Pay it Forward initiative.”

This past week, I’ve been boosting my energy up, visualizing of what I want my business to be about, who would benefit the best and just trusting the process. Letting the Universe or God to deliver it to me.

Sedona pies raised their funds for their expansion plans. Now it’s time to get done what I said I would do if people loaned me the funds. It’s going to be an exciting year for Sedona Pies as they will be spreading the word for better relationships and Kindness.

Thank you for reading my rambles, articles and following me along. I appreciate all of you!

Love X0X0

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