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The Empowerment of Happiness

The Empowerment of Happiness, is often discussed in conjunction with ethics. Happiness in its broad sense is the label for a family of pleasant emotional states.

In the World Happiness report set out to define what happiness is and how does it relate to the world. – Read more. These 4 chapters are explained in the report.

  • (1) Setting the Stage,
  • (2) The Distribution of World Happiness,
  • (3) Promoting Secular Ethics,
  • (4) Happiness and Sustainable Development: Concepts and Evidence.

Even when I share information about Kindness and it’s affects on a person or event that happens, happiness plays a role in feeling good about a certain experience.

The 2019 Happiness Index, Finland is the happiest country in the world. DenmarkNorwayIceland and Netherlands hold the next top positions. The report was published on 20 March 2019 by UN.  The USA is #19, Canada is #7. see more

What is your experience about happiness?

What makes you happy? Do you define it upon your experience of your day or do you define it in your disposition or personality. How do you rate your level of happiness now?

The Empowerment Of Happiness

10 ways to boost happiness

  • Face the challenge – face them head on
  • Back off – beware of micromanagers
  • Be flexible – open to new ideas
  • Keep moving – take breaks
  • Go places – be a visitor in your own town
  • Create space at work, so you aren’t crowded in
  • Develop positive friends at work
  • Create your office space as a sanctuary – add flowers, pics of your family etc
  • Be a mentor or seek one out
  • Become interested, in other people and activities

Mind Mapping Happiness

Mind map your way to more happiness, grab yourself a mind map app, it will help you see different ideas that will help you to become happier or joyful. The words like joy, amusement, gratitude, peace, euphoria, and triumph. pick one, create a mind-map around those and other words you like for you mind map. This could become a vision board in what you want to have in the next few months.


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