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How Can We Pay Kindness Forward?

How can we all pay kindness forward? There are many ways, can I share a few ways that have been proven to work?

    Word Of Mouth

  • How about if we had a 30 day experiment? Everyday to do a simple gesture 3x per day until the end of 30 days. That’s 90 kind acts per person per month. If I had 30 people to repeat this exercise that would be 2,700 acts. Get the picture? I believe that we could easily have World Kindness in no time flat.
  • What if we decided to take on bullying in our schools. What if kind deeds were practiced rather than hitting or beating someone up?
  • What if rather than gossiping in a negative way, you could catch someone doing good and gossip about this?

What if the schools or students took on this project to help stop bullying? “Being mean is cruel. Being kind is cool”. “Be kind, smile, laugh it’s good for your immune system.”    The Mental Health Association, started a campaign to stop bullying in 2005.

A kind word or deed can reduce stress and have a very positive effect on the immune system” said, “Dr. Susan Abbey of the Heart & Stroke Foundation of Canada”.

I used to make hearts out of clay, paint them and then write words of encouragement on them, they were meant to uplift people.   One day someone asked me “Do you know how many times your little Hearts go around?” My reply was no, this gal said to me, “She would really like to know”.

This was an exciting idea and very simple to do. I used them sometimes as my calling cards. Not too many people give them back or not chose to take one. One time a guy got one that said, “Mentor” as he picked it anonymously from my bag, “WOW” this is who I am. Maria said, “She leaves her heart on her desk, her co-workers come by once in awhile for a bit of inspiration for the day “The art of spreading kindness is not only emotionally satisfying; it may even help you to reap rewards in the future.” Mark McCormack of, What They Don’t Teach You at Harvard.

What if you bought the Kindness@Work ebook, you could read about the experiences of 11 other people who have received and given kindness? You could share you story for Volume 2.

Kindness is woven into our lives many times over, it’s actually everywhere –seen and unseen. All in all it is recognized as a kind act; sometimes we think it’s an obstacle or challenge to overcome. Everything is a blessing, it is all a matter of changing how we look at things.” Wayne Dyers from “Power of Intentions”

All great ideas to think about implementing in your business and personal life.


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