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How do you Disempower yourself?

How do you disempower yourself, is really about learning to empower yourself to heal your pain. Your pain, is the language or words you use that hurts.


As what is said within is also what shows up in your life, not just once in awhile but all the time.

Take for examples I kept tapping out “I can’t afford it, after several sessions it slowly left my emotional body.” It no longer, bothers me and and hardly ever say it. When or if it does, I just tap it out.

As I noticed, my can’t afford, also met that I couldn’t accept new customers, sales or spending the money to advance myself, personally or in my business. These words damaged me in all aspects of my life.

Now, because I keep tapping out the negative aspects of money – more resources and people are coming into my life and business.

I firmly believe, just keep watching the video’s practice with yourself and tap whatever pain you have out of your life. This will release the emotional charge against words, people around you and the situations they bring to you. I’m learning this more each’ll learn more with children and the elderly from what they say and do.

As you work through this video series, you will discover more expected and unexpected money to arrive to you, more opportunities to participate in and being happier.

What words or emotions did you discover by tapping through this?

Here’s a post I wrote about how to be happy – It will happen when you allow yourself to open your mind and not ignore the negative but focus on the positive.

1. Achieve a Positive Attitude Everything passes and nothing is as bad as your imagination makes it….

Would love to hear your comments and the things you have learned by watching this video.

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