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How to Become Happier

On my own journey of doing a self-discovery of who am I? I woke up this morning, knowing that where I am today is perfect.

I am starting to fix what I don’t like in my life right now.. Right now, all my experiences are for good, I own that I am a child of God, I can do anything.

As I begin to fill myself up, I am discovering that I am becoming happier, wealthier, ideas are flowing to me. The more I pronounce everything good and only good shall come to me.

One of the things, Bob Procter says is “Start writing I am happy and so grateful for ___________.” Write them down and set yourself a goal, write it on a card and carry it around with you.

Quit, buying into your own story – of what you tell yourself, especially the negatives of your life. For example, I used to say that I was stuck, well guess what? I was stuck, I couldn’t see a way out, I really needed a fresh perspective on my life. I have some very supportive friends.. of who I really LOVE! I have my own spiritual center and direct line to God. I usually say I have my own calling card.

When I started to open up my channels, in looking for work I just said “Wherever the job is this is where I am willing to move to.”. I got the move, not the be careful what you ask for. Within two weeks, I landed in San Diego, CA. I wasn’t really excited about it, tell you the I started to do some inner reflection work – within a week, I am now in the perfect place. I can see all the things of why I was stuck. My story that I was telling myself was working against me. I have let this go, now remind myself that I can do anything. Tony Robbins, calls this Divorcing what isn’t working for you.


If you are in a relationship or married, I don’t suggest that you shake it up so much so that you divorce them. I believe you work on your relationships until they are working, then decide. Don’t give up on each other, even if one partner has given up on themselves.

Empowerment Coach

This is where you want to get support for yourself to work on you..we all need to be empowered enough to be inspired and look after ourselves. To be kind to yourself to fulfill you. Self-fill your life, so that you can move forward or shake up your life a little. A coach that specializes in empowering people is a great benefit to you. Go with someone that speaks to you, trust your intuition when you decide to work with a coach. After awhile your friends and partner don’t want to hear about your problems..or may not know how to help you or what to say to you.

Catherine Ponder says, “When you have done all the inner work to solve an old problem or to create a new solution and it hasn’t arrived yet, then you need to cease trying!” Give yourself a mental treatment:

“I let go, I let God work for my whole good of health, wealth and happiness now. Having done all that I know in this situation, I now rest, relax and let go. I stand firm in the Goodness of God. The finished results now come forth in this situation quickly and in peace. I give thanks and rejoice as those results appear in my life now.”

Be sure you are ready to receive what you have asked may not look like you thought it should or of how it does show up. ie. like my move to San Diego.

Be kind

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