How to Create Economic Capital with Kindness

How to create economic capital with kindness. Branding is defined as selling an emotional experience, when you create economic capital with Kindness.

This is what we are giving you, this is what you are buying from us. What does implementing kindness have to do with branding? It’s the experience that your business is providing to your employees, customers, vendors and associates.

Why would you consider using Kindness to brand your business? Rather, than ask why? Why not? Kindness is a self-generated product or service you won’t get the benefit until you use it. It’s also about creating economic capital with kindness for your business.

If you look at the Customer Service or the People Departments of companies, one would think that using kind words, sympathetic listening, compassion, showing regard, being respectful, goodwill, controlling one’s temper, not yelling at the customer or employee would figure into the equation of kindness.

A Kindness in Business Initiative

In October Canada Trust Canada Trust celebrated their first ‘Kindness to Kolleague Week.’ Olivia McIvor the HR gall, her first step was to become very clear about her values and the outcome and where she wanted to see the organization in 2-5 years. Her vision was to see an organization where heart and soul is infused throughout the organization. That there would be is a sense that our corporate soul has been awakened. Her challenges to overcome, like using the word ‘Kindness’ in the business environment.

Kindness takes respect and integrity to the next level- into action. It is a paradigm shift. She approached her PR Manager, the Sr. Regional VP and their Retail Marketing Manager; they were all responsive and positive. In light with the up coming merger with TD – Toronto Dominion they needed to pull everyone together as a team. Kindness is a very tangible and actionable way to bring people together.

She also wrote to every Branch Manager and received a 99% buy-in from them. We found ways to link kindness with existing initiatives, like the Black Diamond Awards (The Black Diamond Awards was just for upper management, they opened the awards to all employees.)

* A Gallup Opinion Poll and our Community service initiatives. The support of the Senior Managers helped Professionalize the program and the Managers helped executed the initiatives.

Are you Profiting from Rudeness and Bad Manners?

“Rudeness is increasingly common in our workplace and it’s taking a toll on employee happiness, customer satisfaction and even the bottom line.. We have come more competent in dealing with software and we have lost ground in dealing with human-ware. It’s about treating co-workers, subordinates and customers with respect and consideration” Giovinella Gonthier a co-author of Rude Awakenings: Overcoming the Civility Crisis in the Workplace.

Did you know that companies can now cash in on Kindness and earn up to 15% in profits and employee retention.

Cameron and his research colleagues, David Bright of Case Western Reserve University and Arran Caza of the University of Michigan, first did case studies of companies with national reputations for being kinder and gentler, including Griffin Hospital in Derby, Conn. And CH2M Hill a Denver-based engineering and construction firm currently rated by Fortune magazine as one of the top 100 companies to work for. They made it tough, as they sought out organizations that had experienced downsizing in the past 5 years. Richard Morin of the Washington Post -October 2003

What kind of legacy do you want to leave behind? Perhaps a better world or even a better company?

How to create economic capital with kindness, take the survey let us know your opinion a bout kindness and what you believe about it.  https://goo.gl/forms/xhFZBkoZHTj7PodI2

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