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I Believe in Your Dreams

I believe in your dreams. I will follow you. Will you follow people’s dreams? It’s time to move your dream into a Movement.

How do you go forth, to create a movement.

How to build a successful movement in 4 steps

Once you know what cause to you want to change,  began to organize yourself with others, soon more and more people will stand up and said, “We need to take a stand.

My friend Matt and a group of people have come together to rally or grieve about Climate change at the Palo Alto City Hall. Getting the residents to convert to electricity VS gas in their homes. Read more 

Rosa Parks was another person who took a stand said, “I deserve to sit in the front of the bus.” in her actions and her words. Was it a dream? I don’t know, she just knew she deserved more.

It’s time for us to walk together to support our dreams. I love to share Juliette’s story of how her dream board has come together, not just for her, also for other people. When we join hands and start believing in our dreams then we can do what we came here to do.

My dream has been world kindness, working on a strategy to create this. I got called out by a person who said, “What pain are you solving?” Perhaps they have not experienced the unjustness of rude, bullies or even isolation. What a little bit of kindness, can solve.

More to explore..for sure read more about the people I have interviewed.

What do you want?

What inspires you?

We all have dreams of of which perhaps have forgotten to dream because of your current financial situation or you are just trying to survive. Surviving meaning just having a roof over your head, enough food to eat or how can you get to the next place? Maybe you think, who has time to dream?

How do we get to the next place of dreaming what we truly want to have, be and do? You can join Juliette’s World Wide Dream Board to get started.

Start believing in your dreams. Start to take a step or action towards what to want, even if it’s just making some inquiries asking for assistance from people you have met.

One of the things I have started to do to create one of my dreams is to Interview people who are making a difference with their businesses, by building in a Social Change aspect in their products and services. I have a great interest in this.. who do I ask? I started joining groups on LinkedIn and see if I could interview them and then posted the interviews on my new blog. It’s becoming fun and I am also seeing how my conversations with people are inspiring me.

Dreams come true when we start believing in them. They are in the unseen, meaning we don’t always know how the Universe or God is arranging things for us, until we are either ready or the other parties are ready for us. There is a process called TRUST that we really need to allow and believe in.

Like Martin Luther King, I am sure he had no idea of how his Dream of equality would come together. Yet, he is greatly remembered. As he had a dream and believed in it. Dr. Martin Luther Jr

What are your dreams? I believe in your dreams. Now it’s your opportunity to believe in yours.

Post your comments below or go to the Facebook page and leave your dreams.


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