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I don’t have time

I don’t have time, how many times have you said this, however your intention is to do something about the issue at hand. Why the self-sabotage?

When I think about the times that I have said, I don’t have time to sit with tech support for 2 hours, yet I need to look after why my phone contact app isn’t working. It’s frustrating when I was making a phone call and person’s name who I wanted to call wasn’t coming up.

I don’t have the time to figure out why this or that isn’t working. I don’t have the time as I am swamped with a bunch of little details that I need to look after, just don’t have the time. That means other things that I have to do aren’t going to get done. This goes on and on.

Self-sabotage  is to obstruct, disrupt, spoil, destroy, beat yourself up

Ok, that’s enough about ranting about not having enough time. We all are given enough time in the day to pick a few things each day to look after. As Marisa Peer, has said, start with the hardest or the things you dislike the most, first thing in the morning. Today, mine was asking for help to fix my problem.. not blaming any one. I just want it fixed.

The other day, I was in the library and this book fell into my hands The Creativity Cure by Carrie & Alton Barron, one’s a psychiatric and a hand surgeon who after of having long careers looked at the challenges of long-term happiness. They have a 5-part prescription for shifting your mind set.

At the end of book they talk about self-mastery and how it can help you not to be fearful of yourself. It’s your inner compass, that will help you make decisions, have a deeper awareness when you are in this space of sabotaging yourself. How to make your own choices and decisions. Knowing how to take care of yourself and still create a congenial situation for all concerned.

I find people also put off getting the help and support that they really need to grow themselves and their business.. rather than asking for help or another payment plan, they’ll just say “I don’t have the time.” Is it really about the time factor or is it something else? Like joining a Mastermind group that would really support them to grow their business.

It just could be that you aren’t taking any time for yourself – like planting a garden flowers or vegetables to give you beauty and food. Being creative, like painting, making something with your hands, a craft or an art project.

Another way to look after this situation is to write out what needs to get done, spend a whole day doing those things, or just pick 5 each day until they are all done. Whatever the ones that aren’t that important, just ask the Universe to help you with the rest of them.

Creative projects

What I like to do for myself is that I paint my boxes and bags for Sedona Pies, it gives them an unique look as much as the flavors are. People love the packaging. Plus, I paint my own Thank you cards, which people love to receive rather than a store bought card.

If you don’t have the time to do the little things that need to be done, then find someone that can help you get them done. Life is too short to keep saying, I don’t have enough time, when you can be doing more enjoyable things.

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