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I want to bribe you

I want to bribe you, to join our Crusader Membership. what’s the Crusader Membership? It where you can meet other Change Makers, Founders and CEO’s.

So we’re going to put you through this cool Kindness Rally to inspire you.  To help you with it, we’ll provide 5 days of creative kind actions to take. And you will get a 60 day trial of the Crusader Membership and a whole bunch of other gifts just for trying us out.

One of the ways to join the Crusader group is to join the kindness rally. With Halloween coming up, it would be a great time to get out there and show your stuff. Kindness tricks or treats. LOL

What’s in the bribe?

* a Crusader trial of 60 days

* A private group to get support,  and have some fun

* Replays from the kindness rally on a daily basis

*  Two (2) Founder/CEO round table discussion meetings, one each month.

* Plus some added bonuses, like a member-make-over

We all get stuck time to time, and would like a refresh in the projects we are working on, or change how we serve our customers.

The Kindness Rally, is just about getting out having some fun and at the same time move Kindness forward.

To join myself and the other people please register here.

What’s the bonus? It’s called the Optimizer.. it’s another I want to bribe you offer.

FREE! A Private Facebook group to share and engage with  
FREE! Daily replay of the calls during the rally   
FREE! Share your story on the Impactful Legacy Podcast
FREE! Trial of Click funnels  (ask for details)
FREE! Self-care Workshop

Get your workplace buddies together, start a team and join me. Once you register the details will be sent to you.

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