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Kindness Conference Photos, 2000 and 2001 are from the two years the conference was produced, in Edmonton, AB Canada

Enjoy looking them over – if you know who is in the photo please leave a comment, as I personally don’t remember them all. My memory has faded over the last 18 years.

Our Speakers from 2000

Kindness Conference
Panel of speakers 2000

Thank you!

Kindness Conference
a Collage of photos 2000
David Alpin

David Alpin

Mayor Bill of Edmonton, AB presenting an Kindness Hero Award to David in 2001


Thank you

Ray, thanking Ernie Tadla & Brock Tully for speaking at the Kindness Conference 2000.

For all our Sponsors, Speakers and volunteers the conferences wouldn’t of been a success as it was. The conferences were only produced for two years.. perhaps you can join us again in 2020, as it will be online. It’s called Kindness Matters Conference 2020.

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