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Kindness e-book Bonus

Kindness e-book bonus for subscribing to our newsletter. I appreciate your continued support. Kindness will Love you more too!

When this book 1st came out it was used as a fundraiser to to help those who were affected by the earthquakes and floods many years ago.

If you are interested in contributing a new story to create Volume 2 for the Kindness@Work book. Please contact me.

Download the book by clicking the link below.

Ready to do a 30 day experiment of putting Kindness to the test?

Everyday to do a simple act of kindness 3x per day until the end of 30 days. That’s 90 kind acts per person per month. Our goal is to have 30 people to repeat this exercise to help us to achieve world kindness. Get the picture? I believe that we could easily have World Kindness in no time flat.

  • What if we decided to take on bullying in our schools. What if kind deeds were practiced rather than hitting or beating someone up?
  • What if rather than gossiping in a negative way, you could catch someone doing good and gossip about this?
  • What if the schools or students took on this project to help stop bullying?

Being mean is cruel. Being kind is “cool”. “Be kind, smile, laugh it’s good for your immune system.”   The Mental Health Association, used this slogan, to start a campaign to stop bullying in 2005.

A kind word or deed can reduce stress and have a very positive effect on the immune system” said, “Dr. Susan Abbey of the Heart & Stroke Foundation of Canada”.

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