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Kindness@Work, book is about people sharing their stories about how kindness has benefited them. Meet these awesome book contributors. 

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Ally Piper is an IdeapreneurTM + Marketing Director for nonprofits and small businesses on a mission. Through her boutique marketing communications firm, Brighteyes Creative, she helps clients leverage creative bright ideas and proven high-impact, low-cost integrated marketing techniques to share their stories and get noticed by their people. Learn more at

Gary R. Johnson is a Chief People Officer” who helps small business owners live like superstars.” Known for his friendly, approachable manner and sincere work ethic, Gary R. Johnson has more than fifteen years’ experience in business management and human resources. His experience comes from a wide range of industries, including corporate food chains, retail, non-profit organizations and legal. Having worked with both managers and executives, Gary is an expert at finding solutions to his clients’ business needs. For more information about Gary, go to You can also follow Gary on LinkedIn on Twitter at @GaryRjohnson1.

Steve Sjogren, he has written numerous books about the power of kindness and generosity including the bestseller, Conspiracy of Kindness (see Amazon for an array of his books). His site, has practical articles you will find encouraging. He now lives in a medium sized town outside of Portland, Oregon where he and friends have managed to show kindness in practical ways to every single person in town (24,000) in the past eighteen months.

Shel Horowitz, a Green and ethical marketing/book publishing consultant, copywriter, and speaker specializes in “making the world insist on knowing why YOU’RE special” and “showing the world the VALUE in your VALUES. He also writes the monthly syndicated column , “Green And Profitable. Reach Shel at shel AT, 413-586-2388, Twitter.

Dawn Lanier is a Solopreneur, Small business Coach and Pinterest expert. After years of exploring how small and very small businesses are using the Internet to build a following and improve their bottom line, I crafted my own dream job as Entrepreneur in Chief of Yes You Can. My passion is helping women who run a business of their own on their own create a solid path to online success. You can find Dawn on her website. Facebook and Pinterest.

As Mark Twain once said,   Life is too short to live small.

Dr. Janet has been a frequent contributor to Creative Thought Magazine, has published a weekly eZine since 2006 with subscribers on three continents, and has appeared as a guest on the television shows Full Esteem Ahead and This is New Thought. She is also the subject of an interview on the upcoming book, Women of the Red Rocks by Anita Rosenfield.

Juliette Wallen is a curious soul that loves to share her experiences. She has been a writer from the moment she could write, a storyteller from the moment she could speak. Juliette is the creator and caretaker of the World’s Biggest Dream Board, a safe online space for all to dream, share and believe in each other.

Her days and her home are always filled with family, friends and kindness.

Arvind Devalia is a success coach, published author and a leading blogger. His main blog is at and he writes about how to make it happen for a better you and a better world.”

Tim Moores grew up in Edmonton, Alberta and married Deanna Lynn in 1983. Together they have raised two boys and two girls, two of whom are now also married. Tim has been in the Video, Graphics, Multimedia, Photography and Web Site Development for the last thirty years as well and has owned his own business for the last half of that.

His main goal is to find out what matters most to his client and then do whatever he can to empower them to make their vision a reality through multimedia. He specializes in working with you to develop or improve your web presence using a host of on-line tools, but specializes in WordPress. Tim Moores, President  ProVision Graphics Inc. LinkedIn

Chef Marian has followed her cooking passion for over a decade. She’s created Fundraisers, as a member of The American Institute of Wine & Food (AIWF), she hosted a cooking website teaching people how to cook and pair wine in Los Angeles and is eager to continue cooking classes, wine dinners (food & wine tasting dinners, giving you samplings of a restaurant, working with the chef to create the menu) and videos of her cooking webcasts and classes and is headed towards her own show on Internet or Network TV Show. Climb aboard! It’s going to be a great ride!

Of course me, leading the way..please follow us!

Mari-Lyn Harris of Heart@Work, represents Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs, CEO’s and Executives to create an impactful legacy. Through a Podcast show Inspirational Talks. called Kindness Matters Conferences,  Events and other avenues to create a healthier workplace. “We Connect you to greater possibilities.”


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