Presenters for July 14, 2020

Presenters for July 14, 2020 as we celebrate each person who presents an aspect of how creating a community of kindness, which makes a difference.

Presenters For July 14, 2020

Olivia McIvor

HR & Culture Advisor, Author & Leadership Development Facilitator, Olivia is the best-selling author of three books: The Business of Kindness, Four Generations-One Workplace and Turning Compassion into Action. Olivia has seen the power of healing that comes from workplaces that intentionally and tenderly take care of their emotional culture.


Christopher Salem

Christopher Salem

Topic: Fostering Innovation in the New Workplace

The importance of core values for building or revamping workplace culture. Five most effective ways to foster innovation.  Innovation through an interdependent work environment.  Sustaining innovation by leading from example.


Dr. Tristaca McCray

Topic: Finding Self Worth in Darkness

We are dealing with a lot of people having a hard time dealing with this lockdown around the world. I would love to share a few tips on how to be kind to yourself during COVID-19 while you are following your dreams and BECOMING great.


Lisa Metwaly

Lisa Metwaly

Topic: The Kinder Way to Convene Meetings with Conversation Cafes 

Lisa Metwaly is the author of Kindness Travels Presents Penny Power, an interactive book that teaches kids to teach kindness.  She has lead kindness conversation cafe’s since 2008 and currently is a Purser Flight Attendant and Instigator of Kindness with Delta Air Lines.


Rhonda Delaney

Topic: Be Interested – Leadership is all about the moments!

My passion for creating a garden that is cohesive and inviting while still having pops of spectacular color, regal containers, bold foliage and delicate structures has translated beautifully to creating and building teams in the workplace.


Matt Schiegel

Matt Schiegel

Topic: A Powerful Tool for Building Trust and Rapport with your Teammates

Please take the quiz at this link beforehand —

Building rapport with your teammates is a key ingredient to team effectiveness.  Mirroring is our innate mechanism for building rapport with those around us.


Cherryl Galezewski

Cherryl Galwzewski

Topic: Discussion on Diversity & Inclusion

Cherryl’s passion is finding tangible ways to put kindness into action, like my PassAlong Gifts. Acts of Kindness Workshop facilitator and artist.


Kimberly Wielfling

Happy Hour & Networking Facilitator

Kimberly Wiefling is a Silicon Valley Consultant who leads Global Teams.



The other speakers for Wednesday July 15th and Thursday July 16th you’ll find them on their respective pages.


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