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Little-Known Ways to Spread Kindness

Don’t let the closing of Kindness Week stop you from spreading Kindness around. Here’s some ways to spread Kindness.

Relationship Appreciation

Kindness is like a viral video. It can spread quickly, and it brings smiles to everyone it touches. In fact, one act of kindness can inspire dozens of others, which results in a beautiful chain of acts that improve others’ lives, bolster our faith in mankind, and simply make people happy.

Here are some examples of how far a chain of kindness can reach.
Offering to Help a Sick Friend

Whether your friend is ill with a long-term sickness or simply has a case of strep throat, offering to watch the kids can be a great way to inspire further acts of kindness.

The children will see what it is to be a true friend and be likely to pass on such caring and concern to their own friends, who will appreciate the extra attention. You also have a chance to share with those children why you are helping your friend and how good it makes you feel, setting a kindness example they can emulate for years to come.

And no doubt your own friend will enjoy paying back your kindness once he or she gets on his or her feet.

Reaching Out to Our Service Men and Women

Another tremendous way to start a chain of kindness is to help out our nation’s veterans, the brave men and women who protect our country.

This is a wonderful example of paying it forward. There are hundreds of programs throughout the country you can contribute to, and many of them encourage you to work with your neighbors and family to accomplish your goals. You can often find listings for these programs via the local newspaper.

This service sets an example for your own children, who become more likely to reach out to someone else in need. You can start a chain of kindness at their school by setting this wonderful example.
Giving Up a Holiday.

Volunteer to work at a homeless shelter on Thanksgiving, Christmas or other holiday. Serve food to those who are less fortunate. Sure, it seems like a big sacrifice, but on a larger scale, isn’t helping people more important than getting presents or stuffing yourself with turkey?

Many, including those who you serve and those who you tell that you are going to serve, will feel your kindness. They will take heart in what you do and perhaps be inspired to give up a day of their time as well.

If they are one of the homeless you are tending, you may give them new faith that people believe in them and inspire them to treat others with kindness, too, as you have shown.

Guest Blogger: Michelle Rebecca is an aspiring writer with a passion for blogging. She enjoys writing about a vast variety of topics and loves that blogging gives her the opportunity to publicly voice her thoughts and share advice with an unlimited audience. She is the founder of SocialweLove

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