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My Thoughts about Civility

My thoughts about Civility, it comes from the word civility, which in Latin means “citizen,” defines civility as civilized conduct or a polite act or expression.

Most Americans view incivility as a serious problem that is getting worse. One study found that 60% of employees believe that co-workers’ annoying behaviors negatively impact the workplace.

Would you agree?

I’d like to introduce you to Gregg Ward – he was on my Podcast about Civility and how he helps leaders, lead. Gregg Ward Is The Founder, Of Center For Respectful Leadership, Award-Winning Author, Speaker, Executive Coach, Master Facilitator & Culture Change Consultant.

Each person can influence another” by becoming a bridge builder and role model for civility and respect. Act in a manner whereby you respect yourself, demonstrate respect for others, and take advantage of every opportunity to be proactive in promoting civility and respect in your workplace. Adapted from Lorman Education Services Newsletter Employment and Labor Update – April 2007

“According to Mark McCormack, author of  What They Don’t Teach You at Harvard. The art of spreading kindness is not only emotionally satisfying, it may even help you to reap rewards in the future.”

Civility also requires relearning how to disagree without being disagreeable… surely you can question my policies without questioning my faith.” – Barack Obama

It’s not that I am not civil, I’ve notice that when people go on a rant about something and I don’t agree with it.. I just have to, keep my mouth shut. Many times the stuff they want to talk about is something that is political, some of it is outrageous. I’m learning to take a deep breath, and let whatever they are saying go, it’s not that important.

My thoughts about civility, also include being kind, why? Because if we are unable to be kind, then it’s a challenge for us to be civil towards ourselves and other people around us. It’s important that we embrace our virtues, our civic duties to be the best citizens we can be in our communities, at the workplace if you have one, at home..

What is civility?

Civility is about more than just politeness, although politeness is a necessary first step. It is about disagreeing without disrespect, seeking common ground as a starting point for dialogue about differences, listening past one’s preconceptions, and teaching others to do the same. Civility is the hard work of staying present even with those with whom we have deep-rooted and fierce disagreements. It is political in the sense that it is a necessary prerequisite for civic action. But it is political, too, in the sense that it is about negotiating interpersonal power such that everyone’s voice is heard, and nobody’s is ignored.

“My thoughts about civility, and it begins with us.”

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