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Nominate A Kindness Hero

Nominate: A Kindness Hero Award to someone that you feel deserves to be recognized. The winners will be announced on November 19, 2022 to allow people to nominate!

I encourage you to notice the wonders the things people do, that nature provides us, the beauty that already exists in the world. Focus on that, rather than what you don’t want. In 2022, the Kindness Hero Awards are now being accepted. The deadline will be October 25, 2022 to get your nominations in.

There are many people who would appreciate being appreciated, do your part, just fill out the form, below. (Please do not nominate yourself, it will get into file G.) You can also go to to fill out the form.

The past winners are on this page.

Jot Form to nominate a person for a Kindness Hero



Mari-Lyn Harris



P.S. Thank you for your service and generosity, let’s get the word out.