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Nominate a Kindness Hero

Nominate a Kindness Hero Award, for those who Pay it Forward. Let’s celebrate those who make a difference, on Nov 13 World Kindness Day.  Show your appreciation.


The idea of doing this is to honor and appreciate those around us, that do extra ordinary kind deeds, by passing it on. I encourage you to notice the wonders the things people do, that nature provides us, the beauty that already exists in the world. Focus on that, rather than what you don’t want.

We are accepting nominations all year long. The awards are presented on November 13, world kindness day. 

Thank you, for all you do! (please don’t nominate yourself, they will be discarded)


Here are our former award winners.
Kindness Hero’s of 2010

Kindess Hero’s 2001

Kindness Hero’s 2002

Kindness Hero’s 2003

Kindness Hero’s 2005

Thank you, for participating in this exciting project! Pay it Forward! We appreciate your nomination.


Write why are you nominating this person/s below, include their name, email and phone#. Thank you
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