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If you nominate someone for the Heart on the Line Awards – they got a name change in 2002 to Kindness Hero Awards. to reflect who these people are.

random act of kindness card

The idea of doing this is to honor and appreciate those around us, that do extra ordinary kind deeds, by passing it on.

I encourage you to notice the wonders the things people do, that nature provides us, the beauty that already exists in the world. Focus on that, rather than what you don’t want.

Testimonial of Passing Kindness on:

One of the recipients of the awards in 2006, PT & Co. sent me a card that says, “What Can Be” in this card my friends from CRT/tanaka.com (a partnership was formed) that in the ongoing quest to manifest Acts of Kindness and Love their contribution was they gave all their employees Valentines Day off to go out and commit Kind acts.
This was awesome for me, it meant a lot that they choose to now incorporate a initiative in their company. This touched my heart.

I am sure that there are many acts of kindness that are not published, or I don’t know about – the awards themselves to me, besides performing acts of kindness myself on a daily basis – this is what I can do to contribute on a larger scale.

We will be presenting awards again on Nov 13, on World Kindness Day. We’ll begin to collect the nominations October 1 and nominations will end on November 1.

The past winners, read about them.

Mari-Lyn Harris