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Kindness Hero Awards 2002

The Kindness Hero Awards 2002, our second year. Everyone really appreciated the recognition they received for all what they do.

By the second year we were getting nominations from all across Canada. People really wanted their peers to be honored. There were a few people who nominated themselves. I didn’t accept self nominations, after all it was about celebrating other people.

Winners for 2002

For the Workplace:
UniglobeGEO Travel, Edmonton, AB
Bioware, Edmonton, AB

Kindness Hero Award
Bio ware kindness Award 2001

Yotta Yotta, Edmonton, AB

Hero Award
Kindness Hero Award winner 2001

In the Community:
EPCOR, Edmonton, AB

Signature Printing, Edmonton, AB
Brian Sherrington also got written up by the local paper for his award. Congrats Brian!
Brian Sherrington

Grower Direct, Edmonton, AB

Kindness Hero Awards 2002
Flower shop Grower Direct for 2002

Ardrossan Elementary Environmental Club, Edmonton, AB

Wendy Enders – Youth services, Edmonton, AB

Robert Petit, Emergency Services – Montreal, Quebec

Tracey Burkitt – UniglobeGEO Travel, Edmonton, AB

Barbara and David Wilson – Apartment managers, Edmonton, AB
These folks, volunteered at the Food Bank and brought food to the seniors in their building that couldn’t get out. It was quite the story.

John Riley of Intercoast Sales Agency Inc., Edmonton, AB

U of A Nurses of Dialysis, Edmonton, AB

Kindness Hero
Kindness hero award 2001 Uof A kidney Dialysis