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Kindness Hero Awards 2005

Kindness Hero Awards 2005 came upon us another year later. Once the nominations were collected, the committee would ponder over the nominations.

Winners for 2005

For the Workplace:

Cupids Car Wash, Edmonton, ABWorkplace Award
He never heard of the Kindness Hero Awards, why was he getting one? I gave him a sheet of the winners and told him someone nominated him. They had the best car wash location in Edmonton.

PT & Co. New York, NY
I didn’t get a picture of them holding their award, I did receive a card thanking me – in honor of World Kindness Day Nov 13, they were giving all their employees a day to volunteer. This was to honor their award.

Leah B. InstaLoans Red Deer, AB

In the Community:
Larry Anderson – Mancap Foundation – Edmonton, AB
Kindness Hero Award

Mr. Frank Vandersloot – Melaluca, Idaho Falls, ID, Vancouver, BC

For the Individuals that we felt recognition:

Olivia McIvor Consulting , Vancouver, BC
Olivia was also a speaker at our first Kindness Conference.

Brock Tully, Vancouver, BC
Brock was one of our speakers in 2000 for the Kindness Conference.

Kindness Hero Award
Brock Tully speaking

Mr. Toast of Toastmasters – Edmonton, AB