Past Award Winners

It was with great pleasure to be honored to present the nominees a Heart on the Line Award, for their contribution to themselves, to others, to their co-workers and their community. Looking forward to doing it again in 2010.

Winners for 2001


Telus Telecommunications, Edmonton, AB

David Alpin & Associates, Edmonton, AB


The Distress Line, Edmonton, AB

Circle K – A Kiwanis Youth Group, Edmonton, AB

The Arts Group, Edmonton, AB

Winners for 2002


UniglobeGEO Travel, Edmonton, AB

Bioware, Edmonton, AB

Yotta Yotta, Edmonton, AB


EPCOR, Edmonton, AB

Signature Printing, Edmonton, AB

Grower Direct, Edmonton, AB

Ardrossan Elementary Environmental Club, Edmonton, AB

Wendy Enders – Youth services, Edmonton, AB


Robert Petit, Emergency Services – Montreal, Quebec

Tracey Burkitt – UniglobeGEO Travel, Edmonton, AB

Barbara & David Wilson – Apartment managers, Edmonton, AB

John Riley of Intercoast Sales Agency Inc., Edmonton, AB

U of A Nurses of Dialysis, Edmonton, AB

Winners for 2003/2004


ORMED – Chris Sheback, Edmonton, AB


Marne Junk of Suicide Prevention, Red Deer, AB

Quik Card – Lyle Best, Edmonton, AB


Wayne Taylor, Taylor Financial Group, Edmonton, AB

Winners for 2005


Cupids Car Wash, Edmonton, AB

PT&Co. New York, NY

Leah B. InstaLoans Red Deer, AB


Larry Anderson – Mancap Foundation – Edmonton, AB

Mr. Frank Vandersloot – Melaluca, Idaho Falls, ID

Kindacts.net, Vancouver, BC


Olivia McIvor Consulting , Vancouver, BC

Brock Tully, Vancouver, BC

Mr. Toast of Toastmasters – Edmonton, AB

Sara Ahlstrom Community Mediation, Edmonton, AB

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